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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have live team coverage as our holiday week gets off to a very wet start. ktvu croup entrance tracking the impact of the first storm system all day. first we check in with mark tamayo with a look at where the rain is the heaviest right now. >> right now rain is moving into parts of the east bay and north bay. we had a flood advisory during the 5:00 hour. that has expired. you'll seat coverage on out toward the santa cruz mountains. we'll shift the maps here. scattered rain showers. also closer to hayward. some activity here. nothing too major. heavier rain out toward discovery bay around highway 4. darker shades of green
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indicating heavier cells. rainfall sensor, nothing too extreme here. about .05 of an inch an hour. up in the north bay, scattered showers. one cell approaching the fairfield area. just right around napa. still some rain showers in the forecast for tonight. two more storms to talk about this weekend. when the heavy rain bands move in and how much you can expect in your neighborhood. >> all the rain has caused a mess for air travelers. ktvu's noelle walker is live at sfo. where do things stand right now? >> reporter: it's not that snowstorm in the midwest but the rainstorm here on the west coast. it's still pretty wet out here right now. delays are likely to continue as long as the rain continues. today at san francisco international airport a holiday homecoming was better than a visit from santa.
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arm whyy pfc is home for christmas. >> his hair is longer than last time i saw him. that's good. he looks good. >> reporter: austin's flight was delayed more than an hour. his family and friends didn't mind waiting. you didn't know they were going to be here? >> no. it's nice to be home. >> reporter: the soothing sounds are meant to calm the chaos of holiday travel. the average delay at sfo is an hour to an hour and a half. it's the wind that's really slowing things down. >> we're taking off and landing about 180 degrees different than how we normally do it. that does add to the delays. >> reporter: to that 90 cancellations today. and it's the perfect storm. 130,000 people will pass through this airport today. s that's a lot of baggage. which black bag is yours? >> i don't see it.
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i'm still looking for it. >> reporter: when it's likely your last christmas at home before being deployed. >> to be here now with them at this time of year is really great. >> reporter: there's always a rainbow. now to help you pass the time, sfo is running a contest with an app available on your phone. you send in a photo. i'm sending in one of the rainbow, make a postcard and get a chance at winning an ipad mini. >> in the sierra the squaw valley resort says a skier died today after colliding with a tree. he was on the west face of the advanced run kt-22. he was wearing a helmet. paramedics assisted in the rescue efforts. >> as mark members mentioned, some of the rain has swept into
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the south bay. matt keller joins us now. >> reporter: the showers have been on and off here. the traffic here on highway 101. now this is often a slow stretch. many people are trying to get out of town for the holidays. this is what it looked like earlier today. rain coming down as officers kept a close eye on the roads looking for speeding drivers. at the beach in santa cruz, huge swells kept surfers out of the water but brought a lot of people in the shore to see the waves. >> the way i see it, this is keeping the wilderness vibe in santa cruz alive. >> it isn't something you see all the time. these waves are picturesque. if i had my camera, i'd be taking pictures. >> reporter: ehc is expecting a full house at its shelters. they have beds for 250, bops up for an additional 100 people when it rains.
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law enforcement is also warning people not to drink and drive. officers and deputies are running saturation patrols in santa clara county. dui check points will take place tonight in san jose and gilroy. >> in marin county a homeowner was happy to be alive at this tree came crashing down. she thinks the wind and rain are what caused that tree to fall over. the ktvu weather team can keep you up to date on weather conditions. you can follow them on twitter and facebook. >> we have new information tonight on a hit and run near twin peaks in san francisco. a woman identified as 56-year- old uyi yowl has died from her injuries. we've brought you this story as it was breaking last night. the woman's son said today his mother was visiting from china.
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investigators say the driver struck the four pedestrians as they walked. the impact knocked them down a steep dark hillside making rescue efforts difficult. police arrested a 24-year-old woman on charges of felony dui and hit and run. >> a shooting in a bank parking lot prompted two schools to go on lockdown this afternoon. police say they told the two schools livermore high school and st. michael elementary school to go into lockdown mode. livermore police say it began when someone opened fire at someone sitting in their car in a bank of america parking lot. no one was hurt. two people were arrested in connection with the shooting. >> 20 children and six school employees were gunned down. since the massacre a public debate about gun control has reignited without the voice of the nra until today.
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mike mibach joins us now. ramp the nra is calling it a national school safety shield program. it says it will help recruit and train volunteers to help guard students. if congress gets arm protection, so should our children. armed guards at all u.s. schools. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed officers in every single school in this nation. >> reporter: that's the plan and today the nra says it wants it in place by the end of winter break. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: it estimated 10,000 sworn officers are serving in school around the country. most of them are armed and employed by local police departments. president of the international association of chiefs of police
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called the nra's proposal unworkable given the how long numbers of officers who would be needed. >> the nra has blooden its hands. >> reporter: after cameras caught protesters interrupting the comments twice, wayne lapierre attacked the national media saying it reports killers with wall to wall. >> the media demonize gun owners. >> reporter: u.s. senator diane feinstein. >> the nra's blanket call to arm our schools is really nothing more than a distraction. >> reporter: the nra's leader did condemn the attack in connecticut but he was adamant in storage the blame away from guns or gun law. >> the idea of putting armed police officers on school campuses came under fire today by some who say it would only make a penalty dangerous situation worse. >> all of a sudden we'd be introducing thousands and thousands of additional guns on
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to campuses. we're not sure that that's really a viable solution. that could escalate the problem. >> reporter: >> there are already some schools in california that have armed guards on campuses. among them school districts in oakland, san francisco, san jose and west contra costa. you can join the conversation if you like. ktvu viewers are debating the proposal. tell us what you think. we'd like to hear. look for ktvu channel 2 on facebook. the nra also took aim at violent video games today. john fowler is talking to mental health professionals about the conflicting research on that issue. >> christmas is now just four days away. rob roth is live in san francisco where he talked with two charities trying to make this holiday a little brighter for those in need. >> reporter: we're inside glide church. we think we just found santa's
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secret stash. there are more than 8000 toys here sorted out depending on age and boy or girl. volunteers are expecting to give out these toys beginning tomorrow morning. volunteers unloaded the toys by the truckload earlier this afternoon. they will go to needy children who otherwise night not get any presents for christmas. they have come by a massive toy drive that appears to have been very successful. >> we have more bags than we've ever had. we expect we will see a greater number of people tomorrow. >> reporter: this afternoon boys and girls sat on santa's lap and received toys courtesy of mother browns dining room. there were enough toys for 2000 children. the same number given out last year. if you're thinking these are very happy children today, you would be right. >> i got a mars robot. >> what do you think? >> i like it. >> what are you going to do with it? >> i'm going to make it beat up my other toys.
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>> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> reporter: those are perhaps our favorite interviews of the year. the glide toy give away begins tomorrow morning at 9:00. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> new figures show the state's jobless rate dipped into the single digits last month. the unemployment rate for november fell to 9.8%. that's down from 10.1% in october. the jobless rate hasn't been this low since january of 2009 when the rate was 9.7. most economists have predicted that california's unemployment rate would remain in the double digits through next year. the unemployment rates in the nine bay area counties are lower than the state average. in some counties much lower. the highest jobless rate remains solano county. >> a quick look right now at storm tracker 2 showing us the
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hot spots for rain moving in. we are tracking this storm. mark tamayo will give us an updated look. >> coming up in just 7 minutes. we'll take you up to the sierra. >> an exclusive meet and greet with a san francisco giants player. >> right after the break, you've heard about gun buy backs. now police are offering money for something else. >> i think it's well intended. i think in practice it's a poor idea. >> the electronic device they hope to get out of your hands. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. isn't fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography? >> one week after the newtown massacre the nra today joined the gun debate. but as you heard, the executive
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vice president of the nra also laid blame on the violent video games that pervade american culture. one top bay area law enforcement officer kicked off a controversial program to try to get violent video games affair children. john fowler with details on that program. he spoke to mental health experts about the controversial role of video games. >> reporter: new information tonight. acquaintances say the newtown killer was interested in and did play first person shooter video games. even before that came out marin county district attorney today joined the controversy. at the marin county civic center today, a national first. >> we don't need to have that type of carnage exposed to our young people. >> reporter: district attorney today set up a program, a twist on the county's first ever gun buy back next month. in addition to purchasing excess guns on the street last
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week. marin police agents say they'll buy back violent video games. >> they will be destroyed. they're not going to be recirculated by any means. >> reporter: one gamer group called for a national cease fire today on online shooter games. and after trying unsuccessfully to regulate violent games state senator sneered at the nra. quote, i find it mind boggling that the nra sundayly cares about the harmful effects of ultra violent video games. mental health experts don't agree. >> it's absolutely rising. there's not a sense of the consequences because they can do it with impunity. >> reporter: multiple studies have failed to show a link between real life homicides and violent video games. >> that's how everything i think starts with the videos. >> it's a slippery slope. to recalling and buying back video games. >> i think it's well intended. in practice it's a poor idea,
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that's all. >> reporter: that marin gun and violent video buy back is set for january 15th. reporting live, health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> has more of the nra's statement today. you can watch the video online. just look under hot topics. >> san francisco giants pitcher made a stop today. talked about the kids. one of his famous strikeout pitches. >> reporter: more than a month may have passed, but sergio romo said as he arrived he's still blown away by it all. including the attention
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wherever he goes. >> they're here. >> reporter: he's never made a personal appearance at an air force base before. people have been waiting for four hours just to have two minutes with him. some kids got a quick lesson on his slider. he posed with his signature grin for others. for staff sergeant, this was going to make christmas memorable. >> he called me his hero. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: romo may be the closer forren the giants but he ended up bringing it all home
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for the servicemen and their families this weekend. >> the latest storm is dumping several feet of snow in the sierra. the snowstorm made driving to the mountains treacherous at times with whiteout conditions. the storm is expected to drop as much as 5 feet of snow by sunday. mark tamayo is tracking the system. >> right now we have controls on 50 and also on 80. you can see the reason why with the radar perspective. we have the rain showers here in the bay area. already the snow out toward the sierra. we have the rain. it'll come in a bit fighter and show you the snow coverage. as frank mentioned, we talking about major snowfall over the next few days. about 2 to 5 feet. that's going to cause major travel concerns and possible freeway closures. right now on our maps we have lingering rain showers out there. the activity has been on the decrease somewhat as you can
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see. move the maps toward the east bay. some more organized rainfall to report in this region. up in the north bay, out toward -- right around fairfield we're of showers. especially with that darker shade of green. so we still have some rain showers in the forecast for this evening. but two more storms, two more powerful storms lining up offshore. still for your saturday the heaviest rain, that'll be first thing tomorrow morning turning over to scattered showers for the afternoon hours. into sunday, that will be the strongest storm. at least a good 3.5 inches of rain for the north bay. around the central portions of the bay, 1 to 2-inches. these are the numbers through saturday and sunday. that could cause some problems with mud slides. rises, small creeks and streams
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out there. minor roadway flooding. we'll keep an eye on the road reports as we head into the weekend. timing of that first rain band. heaviest first thing saturday morning. by mid-morning, not a lot to show you. the good news, this is a fairly quick mover. scattered rain showers. then into sunday we're tracking at storm. that is set to move in by mid- morning sunday into the early portion of the afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow. san jose right around 56. half-moon bay 55. an active weather pattern developing. welcome to winter. winter solstice this morning. heavy rain for sunday. monday, good news, it'll be dry with partly cloudy skies. by christmas we talk about tracking a chance of a few showers. we'll keep an eye on the radar. two major systems.
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>> updated models at 10? >> updates on the models and radar. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7, last minute holiday shoppers face a series of storms already moving through the bay area. and one bay area zoo gets a gift leaders there call truly extraordinary. we'll explain at 7 on tv 36. >> a whole new look for tim lincecum. the dramatic change the giants pitcher made to his signature long hair. ño
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hey, take a look at that. you don't even recognize him. this is the new look for two- time cy young winner and san francisco giants star pitcher tim lincecum. this picture began making the rounds around twitter this week. a hairstylist in seattle tweeted the news. now the question, is this going to make him pitch a little better? we'll have to wait and see. >> a whole new look. transformation. >> totally different. >> mark joins us now. warriors playing tonight. >> you play a team that's lost 13 in a row, good chance. warriors, 7-1 in games directly
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after following a loss. looking to bounce back against the lowly bobcats. they come in with that 13-game streak. they worked out at their facility earlier today. and coach mark jackson hopes to have them ready for a bounce back game tonight. he says there's a reason they haven't had extended slumps this year so far. >> the key is owning your mistakes. owning what you did wrong and then coming in, talking about it, teaching it. they don't like losing. it's important individually and collectively to stop the bleeding after a loss. >> we are guys that challenge one another. when you know it's coming from your friend, it's coming from a positive place. i think you have no other choice but to respond. knowing that he's not trying to chastise you or wring you down, he's just trying to use constructive criticism to make your better and to make the team better. >> the man they call the cowboy
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saddled up with his first injury in a long time. justin smith dinged his elbow after having it examined he returned briefly but could not continue. lots of speculation, but no determination as who to whether he'll play sunday. whatever the case, ricky is revved up and ready to take his place. perfectly capable. going to be a good ball game. the associated press has gone olympian for the male and female athletes of the year. michael phelps the most decorated swimmer of all time and gabby douglas for the women. the athletes of the year. that's the sporting line for an early friday evening. of course, full warrior highlights tonight against the bobcats. >> we look forward to that. thank you, mark. >> we have been tracking fallen trees, flooded roads and major
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delays at sfo as the rain and wind makes its way through the bay area. >> tonit we'll have updated forecasts to show you where it will rain and for how long. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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